why you left, spoken word poetry.

Cheesy or romantic, Love or love, two strangers assigned to collaborate, both immature, everything was a game. Truth be told, I hated your guts just like how you hated mine, it was the opposite of attraction, yet we were like dough, kneaded it could be stretched, but not pulled apart. Call it fate or coincidence, […]

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hooked on hope, spoken word prose

The silver-spoon was rusty. I froze in admiration of its majestic gleam, while patches of decay hid idly, what sorcery! All it took was an adrenaline-filled gulp, before I entered a euphoric trance, partially pumped with delusion. Silence climbed in decibels to reach the summit: a deafening loud. As foreign as it felt, surrealism washed […]

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don’t be too hard on yourself

One thought, one epiphany and one life changed. Letting go was not loss, but a gain of capacity for those worth holding on to. Perfectionism plaques everyone at some point in their lives, be it voluntarily or by the pressure of societal expectations. I was no exception. It came disguised offering well intentions of success […]

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i don’t want to live forever.

Eternity is unfathomable, much less lived. When you’re tired and life has done it’s best, death is a helping hand. Immortality, the holy grail of human evolution, offering life everlasting in the infinite boundless realm of time. Underneath all that shiny gold is the rusty iron, the dark and ugly side of not being able […]

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Death is a gentleman.

There was no intimacy, nothing personal. Figures, as I was dust obstructing the sheen glow. Of life, not mine, but that of souls forcefully intertwined with a decaying corpse, tugging at the dead knot. Minuscule yet a heavy laden, insignificant yet it catches your attention. The epitome of a beautiful contradiction. Death was a busy […]

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a rebellion, poem

A glazing mark of tumult spread a trail of fiery crumbs raging across a still serenity, an anarchy of flames incited by sheer terror, caving pressure. A chance to strike, an opportunity conceived via pure serendipity. There was a gleam in pairs of convex for they twinkled, rogue stars reigning in the night sky. Maligned, […]

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