Long Live Love

Privacy was stolen, you invaded my land of thoughts, where my greatest desires come alive, nourished with your shine. I pondered, searching for my soul lost in a foreign city. Hungry for the seat next to the King, I was feeding on greatness, a glorifying dream. Weakness bowed down, imploring for mercy; I did not relent, slaughtering ruthlessly.

” I sold my sold to a fraud. “


Street lamps in the night

emitted a yellowish light

which bounced off my face

with its occasional flicker

and a soft touch that would linger.

Fame circled you

money was a close acquaintance.

Paparazzis aimed guns,

firing bullets of white,

with a finger on the trigger

they delight.

Armani suit, a vintage Porche

you never failed to impress,

a leash on these toys.

Your gaze unfazed,

although blood dripped from every corner of your face.

Movements made perfectly choreographed

displaying a splendid performance,

Viola, topped with a haughty laugh.

In the dark skies resided fireflies,

waiting for a spectacle

sketched in the Books of Valentine.

© Spurts of Liberation

You’re no different than me. I’ve fallen for a facade, a fragment of a dream, lost in a sea of possibilities.



Servants Of Stars

I hereby beseech all to demolish stagnant categorization of all things in the books of good and evil. Since birth, we are robbed of an opportunity to prove ourselves, the harder we try to separate ourselves from fate and run towards a desired turnabout, the more we are repelled time after time, till our bones lose their vigor and our flesh sags weak, downcast by rejection.

If we are judged with what fate puts into our hands, it would somewhat be accurate to say at the very least that the righteousness of the system is corrupt, taking bribed from fate itself to achieve a complete segregation in the world; our lives are controlled indefinitely, an illusion of personal ruler ship tricks us into believing what is to be believed to prevent a chaotic revelation that would start wars to reclaim our thrones.

Resigned Ravens

A surge of courage flashed.

Clearing their throats,

they took a deep breath.

The notes came out wrong,

panic overwhelmed,

further alterations only served

as blaring sirens,

yelling in the midst of clamor in the city.

A grand concert, a symphony of enchanting tunes

turned into a racket,

an irksome 90’s band

blasting heavy metal

in a secluded garage

screaming “life sucks!”.

Shame colored their faces beet red,

a shade of grey shielded by opaque,

the purest of blacks.

They took off in a hurry,

breaking silence with desperate pleas

to undo this tragedy.

A single feather withers,

rocking back and forth

alongside shaky currents of the wind.

A glimmer of blue shone

visible to only those who were willing to see,

an innocence deemed guilty.

For they belonged to the dark,

a path they refused to embark,

but a sinister calling

echoed by scorns of the light

diminished their might.

Brown blood trickles down their necks,

a sweet surrender

that made them tear.

Every now and then,

they watched the busy space above,

fearing retribution,

a fury downpour of punishments

awaiting these prisoners.

© Spurts Of Liberation

Drop your weapons, start a revolution.



A Blue Farewell

Nights scare me. A ghastly chill runs down my spine, cutting open wounds dried in the sunlight. Suppressed fear broke out of its cage, prowling in the corners of my mind. It consumed and infected; trying to find an antidote, I failed. I drop to my knees, intense emotions suffocating me. Breath came out in spasms, my body starts moving on its own accord, desperate for oxygen. As tiny dots started saturating my sight, I was transported to paradise.

A Midnight Getaway

Moonlight bounces off waves

rhythmically bopping

creating a pattern of symmetry

across the vast blue ocean.

Solitude, yet I find comfort

with stars constantly batting their eyelids

fascinated by the intricacies of mankind.

Water embraced my body

enveloped, with a tenderness

hard to comprehend.

I flinch from this strange sensation

a familiar touch, distant.

My limbs conform to the current

gripping timidly onto its shirt

going everywhere,

a pleasant dilemma,

a confusion I wished could go on for an eternity.

They crushed my reflection,

something I was too scared to face.

Relief washed over me

as I said my goodbyes.

© Spurts Of Liberation

A stream of air rushed back into my nostrils, bringing color back to a purplish-blue face. The same ceiling once a night sky ornated with diamonds stared back, mocking in distaste. I looked up in desolation, as tears streamed down my face.

I could never chase it away, it haunts me till this day.

Endangered Species

Everyone’s walking around, with the same toxins running through their veins. They breathe in unison, immaculate copies of each other, souls long gone in a defeat.

“Morbid? Or a prophecy of self-destruction?”

Our perception of others references to artificial perfectionism, with the final destination being something out of reach, something that stretches the limit of our capabilities as fragile human beings. We worship foreign greatness, without knowledge of sacrifices made and a loss of identity; dissociation into a puppet on strings.

What we discern as weak might just be the sole survivors of a self-waged battle forged by the swords of humanity itself.

Slip Away

You lay against plain dullness

disgusing ugliness with a profound beauty

abstruse yet it can’t escape the eyes of many.

Dainty ways a modest wife

holy, divine

a smile that could mesmerize

the devil on strike.

Your gaze poignant whispers softness

cast by a shred of hope

flinching in your hold.

Joy fleets, noisy vessel now an empty road.

Would Death be our only salvation? I can’t seem to wake from the coma, shall I be spared?



All’s Fair in Love and War

I’ve always been bewildered by the idea of love, much less certain on how exactly to define such a broad aspect of life. Love itself had always been a foggy grey area, where curbs and boundaries barely got to see the light of the day. It felt like an extraction out of reality and essentially a form of escape from life weighing down and crushing us to the bones. We crave a kind of relief, be it temporary or a cure, as the raw pain was too much to endure. The weak fall prey, while the strong nudge on in another round of self-deceit, confidence laced with the poison of denial.

“Love or Lust?”

I had a dream, an eye-opening one that gave me a stinging slap on the cheek. Desire ran wild, like hyenas they ravaged on the corpse of innocence and dignity, both deceased when a bite was taken out of the forbidden fruit. Knowledge was a pawn in the devil’s sick game to start a rebellion. Everything we believe in and stand for would be interrogated one by one, with each leaving with masks of guilt and condemnation.

My Bad

It was a mistake

the gamble had heavy stakes

a victory I was never planning to take.

Coincidence maybe,

a silent collision of two worlds

an infusion into chained unity

unbroken with each hit.

A convergence of souls

drowning in unexplained sorrows.

We were lifeboats,

heavy, floating in relentless energy


Our past is an itch that makes us bleed,

a tattoo which never fades,

a ghost that haunts us in our darkest dreams.

That night was saved of stars,

red lights did not help our vision.

We were blind-folded by liberation that never stays

so we let our blood run cold.

A corruption of purity,

a surrender to sin,

even the holiest water can’t wash me clean.

A stain that would extinguish

yet another dancing flame.

© Spurts Of Liberation

Summary: Suppressed chemistry blocked by the bureaucracy of society that overthrew the primal instincts demonstrated by the very first humans.

Pardon the unstructured text. I tried my best to describe my dream vividly. Man, that was one weird dream.

Feel free to contact me, and I would really appreciate if you could follow me @freeliestruth.



A Warrior Without an Armor

“Is normality the cure?”

Weak and defenseless, drowning in self-created desolation, an innate sense of dark humor furtively residing in my mind decided to grace me with it’s presence. It sure did made a grand entrance.

“Summers In The Graveyard”

Sunlight seeped through ashy stones

Piercing eyes that were now hollow holes

It was such a pain

Tarantulas ran to find a new home.

Winter soldiers jolt awake from an infinity-long sleep

Stale hearts helplessly hope

To hear a single thump of heartbeat

Echoing through lumps of rotten flesh

Chomped down by the jaws of time

For all they saw was darkness

A black abyss.

They dance to the tunes of eternal silence

Bones tapping to the beat.

Reality was being a spoil-sport,

blocking out the growing luminosity of their escalating thrill;

hopes and dreams halted to a stop.

Perhaps after ninety-rounds

batches of newcomers would enter

joining the audience

of a cold cold summer.

©Spurts Of Liberation

P.S. I would definitely not define this as a work of poetry or any forms of legitimate literature, but a slightly developed version of a spark of inspiration in the middle of the night. 

Feel free to leave comments or contact privately.



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